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  • Kiyomi has an outstanding compilation of music here and she has achieved a real depth with her music that I think is missing with so much of the music that is being released today. Her sound is fresh and unique
Kiyomi 聖美 (meaning pure beauty) is a Japanese American singer/songwriter living in NY that was born into a very musical family. She has had an immense passion for singing and music ever since she can remember, and has pursued it her whole life. Her education in Classical Voice and and Composition has helped in her songwriting, however she mostly uses her ear and inspirations that come through her to write her music. Her lyrics come straight from her life experiences which are constantly being recorded in her 25 journals (and counting).

Kiyomi knows that music has the ability to really impact people as well as connect us all together, and that has been a main driver for her to keep pursuing it, even though it can be a very difficult road. She has performed all across the US, including performances for foreign ambassadors and members of the UN. She’s also has had the opportunity to perform in Japan and Korea. If you’re born to do something in this world, it is painful not to fulfill it and Kiyomi has always known she was born to share her music.

In 2008, Kiyomi released her EP "A Part of Me", and currently Kiyomi's newly released album, "Child In Me" can be sampled and purchased through her website kiyomimusic.com, as well as iTunes, cdbaby, and Amazon.

"My music is my heart and when I sing, that is what I'm giving you. I see beauty and magic in everyday reality, so I enjoy telling stories with my lyrics, incorporating them with acoustic, live instruments, and plenty of vocal harmonies. My music combines the two most important things I strive for - love and music. I write from what I have experienced and the emotions that are present. I feel that although our experiences may differ, we are all the same in what we feel, so hopefully I can reach a place in you that we all share." ~ Kiyomi